Connecting agriculture and society


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Agromere, the name of the virtual district in Almere, is used to demonstrate the opportunities and benefits of integrating new styles in urban and rural methods. The merging of town and country provides opportunities for many parties. For the urban inhabitants, there is the provision of after-school care, care and leisure on the farm, a greener environment and fresh products with less ‘food miles’. For the agricultural sector, a close bond with the city dweller brings involvement in regional development and therefore a greater chance of increased business continuity. There is high enthusiasm for Agromere amongst Almere stakeholders. In 2009 the Structural Concept Vision (Almere 2.0) stated that urban agriculture is a key feature in the development of Almere Oosterwold, to the east of the city. In January 2010 the government gave the green light for the development of a Structural Concept Vision for Oosterwold. In 2013 the Intermunicipal Structural Concept Vision Almere Oosterwold was approved by the municipal councils of Zeewolde and Almere. The first steps have been integrated into the development of the area. The focus is on urban agriculture as the central placemaker in the area.


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