Connecting agriculture and society

Urban Agriculture

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Urban agriculture is a familiar concept today. In the Netherlands (and beyond) there are many initiatives centered on local produce and the processing and marketing of food. From citizens to entrepreneurs, from cities to its surrounding rural areas, urban agriculture continues to influence the design of our cities and food networks. The current urban agriculture movement in the Netherlands began in 2004 when stakeholders designing Agromere, the virtual neighbourhood in Almere city, and farming came together. We remained active in Almere, but the movement has quickly expanded further afield to other cities both at home and abroad. Consequently, the content of our work has also evolved; from exploration and design, to calculating Carbon Footprints and food miles, networking pioneers in urban agriculture, studying the relationship between urban agriculture and social cohesion, conducting Social Cost Benefit Analysis and making our knowledge available for educational purposes. The belief remaining central to all our work however, is that urban agriculture contributes to a sustainable, liveable and overall inspiring cities.


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