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150120Article Dutch City Network in Urban Agriculture Magazine 28_Page_1Jan Eelco Jansma, Esther Veen, Petra van de Kop & Onno van Eijk (2015). Dutch City Network Feeds the Innovation of Urban Agriculture in Urban Agriculture Magazine 28 – p 38-41




Vijn, M.P. en J.E. Jansma, 2013. Think globally, act locally: Hoe een gemeenschap opbloeit dankzij een lokaalvoedselweb. Ekoland 2013 (2): 22-23.




AESOP 5Jansma, J.E., E. J. Veen, W. Sukkel and A. J. Visser, 2013.Urban Food Print: a tool to calculate the land needed to feed Dutch cities. 5th EASOP Sustainable food planning conference: Innovations in urban food systems, 28-29 October, Montpellier, France.



citynetworklegiJansma, J.E. and E. J. Veen, 2013. How the ‘City Network’ legitimises its own efforts on urban agriculture. Abstract and presentation on EURA 2013 conference ‘CITIES AS SEEDBEDS FOR INNOVATION’, 3-6 JULY 2013, Enschede, The Netherlands.



FoodprintJansma, J.E., Sukkel, W., Stilma, E.S.C., Oost, van A.C.J & Visser, A.J., 2012. The impact of local food production on food miles, fossil energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission: the case of the Dutch city of Almere (p 307-321). In: Sustainable food planning; evolving theory and practice; A. Viljoen and J.S.C Wiskerke (eds), Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen, 598 pages.


MotivationsVeen, E.J. and P. Derkzen and J.S.C. Wiskerke, 2012. Motivations, Reflexivity and Food Provisioning in Alternative Food Networks: Case Studies in Two Medium-sized Towns in the Netherlands. International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food Volume 19, issue 3 (2012), pages 365-382.


Agromere_RUAFJansma, J.E. en A.J. Visser, 2011. Agromere: integrating urban agriculture in the development of the city of Almere. RUAF foundation, Urban Agriculture Magazine 25 (September 2011): 28-31.



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