Connecting agriculture and society

Multifunctional Agriculture

The Urban-Rural Relations section is focusing on the optimization and innovation within multifunctional agriculture. We do this by developing ambition and innovation programs and conducting research into finding solutions for problems that are impeding ambition. Ultimately, we develop new innovative concepts with businesses and other stakeholders.


Multifunctional agriculture is a collective term for companies that combine agricultural production with providing services to society: care farming, farm education, farm shops/short chains, farm-based childcare, agricultural nature management, and agritourism. The relationship between farms and citizens/consumers is central in all these services. Multifunctional agricultural therefore involves the (re)connection between agriculture and society.


In recent years the multifunctional agricultural sector has grown and become increasingly professionalized: the number of companies has risen, as has the professionalism of the services and products offered. The Rural-Urban Relations section has been in the middle of these developments for more than 10 years and on the professionalization of this sector. The sector is still in development and over the coming years the Urban-Rural Relations section will continue to support innovative concepts and solutions because we believe that strengthening the connection between agriculture and society results in sustainable agriculture.


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