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Pilot Nature and Landscape Scheme

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The Pilot Nature and Landscape Scheme (2011-2013) tested  a new system to promote nature and landscape on twenty regular and organic farmers. These farmers sowed flower mixtures in field margins, which were beneficial for insects and could also provide food and shelter for birds. Or they planted region-specific species of trees and shrubs fitting with the original landscape. The aim of this research was to test how the approach and guidelines stated in the Natuur- en Landschaps-Norm (Nature and Landscape Scheme) can best be incorporated into business practice. We also reviewed the fees farmers should receive for their efforts in nature and landscape management. The project Natuur- en LandschapsNorm was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy Affairs as a pilot for the development of policies under the new European  Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and for the design of new Agri-Environmental Schemes in the Netherlands. The new European policy tries to contribute to the management and conservation of an attractive landscape with a wide variety of plant and animal life.


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