Connecting agriculture and society

Neighborhood as a partner for nature and landscape

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The future funding for agricultural nature and landscape management in the Netherlands currently is uncertain. Organizations are seeking new business models based on the involvement of NGO’s and citizen organizations. This project focuses on working with local and regional groups of citizens, neighbors and environmental organizations. Currently, regional funds are set up to help businesses and citizens on a small scale, sometimes supported by charities or initiatives such as regional bank accounts (‘Streekrekeningen’ in Dutch). The private financing of ANL is currently rather modest. In this project, Applied Plant Research,  Alterra, LEI and Livestock Research cooperate in two pilots,  assisting two local farmers’ associations for nature and landscape management  in their search for new revenue for their activities. Together, we seek dialogue with citizens, local businesses, stakeholders in food supply chains and social organizations. What is the social demand for nature and landscape services, and what green services can farmers associations offer them? At the same time, in parallel projects, the professionalization of farmers associations and intensified cooperation with (larger) chain stakeholders is being addressed.


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