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Bees in the City

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Citizens are increasingly concerned about the decline of both honeybees and wild bees. This decline reflects the deteriorating quality of our landscape, and threatens the survival of many wild plants and our food supply. Many species of (wild) bees occur in urban areas. The diversity of bees in a neighborhood or park is an indicator of the ecological quality of the vegetation in that area. Our aim is to develop an indicator tool to advice municipalities on their efforts for the management of nature and green space in cities. Through a ‘citizen science’ project including more than 50 people in and around the city of Lelystad, we investigate the species richness of bees in the city and how this relates to garden characteristics and variables. Data on the composition of gardens are being collected by the residents and together with observations on the densities and diversity of wild bees. This project is supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the framework of the project ‘Groen en Doen’ (Green and Doing),  in cooperation with Landschapsbeheer Flevoland.


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